Ninjae & the gentle touch.

I know him. When I met him in 2007, I felt my heart boil with your smile. When his tears appeared, mine appeared too. I knew when he was happy and radiant, just as when everything was bad at his whim. Kim Jaejoong was not born to lie. Do not lie to yourself, not lie to one who loves. This makes me know him. These rumors that he refused to do something a OT5 fan, I do not believe. It is against the ideologies of Kim Jaejoong. He does not treat with contempt the wounded heart of a fan. He also bled. He wept and suffered as much as that fan in front of him. He would not do something disrespectful to a fan that follows for more than 10 years. He would not deny a simple request to a fan who loves him unconditionally. He feels the love from each one of us. He feels our fear of never seeing where he came from. He misses DBSK, he misses scream “Cassiopeia”, their princess. Misses the red turning a sea of love in his lives. Never think that Kim Jaejoong forgot where we came from. We come from Cassiopeia. We are fans of DBSK. Jaejoong, Yunho, Junsu, Yoochun and Changmin. Five into one. He has recorded in his flesh “TVXQ SOUL”. Then record it in your hearts. Kim Jaejoong belongs to DBSK. JYJ belongs to DBSK. Yunho and Changmin belongs to DBSK. Cassiopeia belongs to DBSK.

“We miss TVXQ just like how everyone does. If there’s a chance, we hope we can be together.”

Jaejoong; Beijing 08/23 (via fuckyeahtvxqquotes)

“Before, when we were working together Yunho experienced dehydration. Yunho-ya, have you been well? I’ve been well. It’s your first period drama, it must have been hard. Since you’re lacking in time, you must have been doing everything fast, even the CGs, so you must have practiced the action moves pretty well. So please take care of your health, drink lots of water. It’s good to work hard but you should also think about your health.”

Jaejoong when the reporter told him that Yunho sent a message about how nice it is to see him work hard.

Credit: @sehunownsme

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